The Idea: A Prologue to the Blog

6 November 2017:

Maybe I should start a blog for THE WRITER (of course, for me)—tidbits of advice, minor insights, anecdotes, brief encounters, letters to authors, friends and foes. Something entertaining, a little educational, maybe a little helpful. I could talk about my practice, my projects, my trouble, my own fits and starts. What it feels like—for me—to stare at a blank page or pick up a book. It is an idea, and could be something.  An easy voice, nothing didactic, nothing bombastic or shout-like. (Yes, I could even invent my own expressions, my own words.) I would want something simple and beautiful and mildly helpful. With lots of green. Yes, I love the color green. 

Again, it seems, I have come up with another idea for something completely unprofitable—like a real poet.

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